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Associate's degree is equivalent to the initial two years of a four-year college/university degree program in USA and Canada; in UK it is comparable to a foundation degree, in Brazil it equals to technology courses and in France diplômed'étudesuniversitairesgénérales or DEUG. In a broader spectrum, this degree stands at the lowest position in postsecondary academic hierarchy. In Hong Kong post 2000, associate's degree was considered as equivalent to high-school diplomas and since 2004, Australia has added it into the Australian Qualifications Framework. This title is only applicable on advanced diploma courses and very few of the courses can use this title. Usually associates programs are offered by colleges that are affiliated with universities.


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Bachelor's degree is an academic degree awarded to students who have completed a four-yearundergraduate course. However, the overall duration of a bachelor's degree program fluctuates from region to region and may vary from two to six years. It can also be named "postgraduate" degree, for instance, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Civil Law.


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Master's degree is awarded to students who have undergone rigorous study and gained mastery on or insight into any specific field of education or area of professional expertise. Master degree holders acquire extensive knowledge in their chosen topic/subject; they also get to polish analytical skills and ability of critical evaluation and practical application. They also learn the art of thinking and deciding independently for devising solutions of complex issues. In United States, a considerable increase in master's degree programs has been noticed, and the number of degrees acquired has doubled in recent times if compared to the averages of 1970s.


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The doctorate or professional degree represents the highest level of research or formal study conducted in a specific field of study. In some regions, this degree helps an individual to qualify for specialized practice in a particular profession like medicine or law. The degree holder is awarded the title of PhD, and he or she will be referred to as Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Medicine and the Dutch Professional Doctoratein Engineering.
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