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Accounting is a unique field that encircles the largest variety of job options and guaranteed job security. As per a 2008 survey report involving reviews from 500 accounting and finance professionals revealed that 65 percent believed that the same if not better job opportunities will be waiting for them this year as they expected in the previous year. These findings were seconded by National statistical data results from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in which it was projected that the demand for auditors and accounting specialists will increase by 18 percent until 2016. This rate is the highest given average for any field of work. Therefore, you must be sure that beginning, switching or continuing your career in accounting is a safe and worthwhile investment.


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Business administration degree programs are the current rage in students due to the high demand of business professionals in the corporate arena. The versatility of programs offered in business proves the wide array of job opportunities this field encompasses. Once you acquire a degree in your chosen major, you will be surrounded by numerous job offers in diverse and key positions. You can become an HR manager at a local firm, or land a job as an accountant at corporate sector, or you can also acquire the post of a product development manager at a technology-oriented entity. You can also launch yourself in the business world independently and relish in the joys of this lucrative field. Hence, expertise in this field and sufficient business know-how will result in a multitude of job options and a blissful career ahead.


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Studying Greek and Latin based language and rhetoric is the core essence behind a degree program in communication. It prepares you to analyze and comprehend the way language can be used as a tool for the welfare of society. The core foundation of communication studies is derived and devised from ancient teachings just like various modern societies. This field incorporates wide-ranged subjects from linguistics, fine arts, archeology, ancient history and art history to religion, law, sociology and philosophy.

During a degree program in communication students are required to focus on similar coursework as is offered in fields like public relations, journalism, marketing, advertising, corporate training and business management. This proves an important aspect associated with this field that the versatility of curriculum paves the way for a variety of career options in numerous industries.

The demand for liberal arts/communications professionals is rapidly increasing in business community and the norm of hiring somebody from the staff for this job is completely out-dated now. A degree in English language can also be accepted to get employed in this field because students are required to develop a thorough understanding of communicative skills and command over the language.

Whether you are planning to enter or advance in the workforce of finance, marketing, management, economics, and sociology related industries, then communication study is the right option since it provides courses in all these areas of study. Through incorporating introductory courses in fields like engineering, biotechnology and computers, communication studies become a highly impactful degree program with guaranteed career security. If you want to venture into one of these fields professionally, then initial familiarity and expertise can be gained through this program. Effective communication to the audience entails the inclusion of modernized methodologies and that is why learning about web designing and sufficient understanding of language rules for interacting through the company's webpage becomes integral. For working in media-related fields, you need to understand the technicalities of digital imaging, television and radio. All modern-day aspects related to interactiveways, and norms are merged into communication program and seeking this degree will be a wise decision.


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The U.S. Department of Commerce defines e-commerce as selling/providing goods and services online through either an open networking system such as the Internet or via secure proprietary systems.As per the estimation of the U.S. Department of Commerce, during 2003 around $1.6 trillion of the shipments, sales and revenues in the U.S. were linked with e-commerce activity out of which 94percent was B2B, and the remaining $106 billion or 6 percent was B2C. Moreover, statistics reveal that between 2002 and 2003, industrial reliance on e-commerce increased considerably with an average of 11 percent. Given the fact that e-commerce is actively becoming a wholesome business entity, it is not surprising that more than 400,000 U.S. citizens entirely rely on eBay to earn their living. Millions are associated with online buying and selling business. There are two categories of selling products; either you sell to consumers directly (called B2C or "business to consumer"), and you sell to enterprises (called B2B or "business to business"). A successful online business venture requires immense technological sensibility and expertise along with carefully devised unique strategies to create a niche for you in the rapidly growing e-market.


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Skilled finance professionals are required in almost every single industry or field of work. From private sector to public, non-profit to global corporations, and small-scale enterprises to large business empires, the need to hire an expert who can manage the company's finances and contribute to its steady economic growth and success always exist. The task of a finance expert is to come up with economically beneficial investment plans, foresee financial losses, develop wide-ranged economic stability plans for the company within the available resources and acquire assets. Employment opportunities are endless in finance sector and mostly along with financial acumen; companies look for individuals possessing good command on communication skills, powerful decision making attribute and confidence.

Hospitality Management

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Culinary industry is the world's fastest growing field. The contribution of tourism industry in the amazing economic stability acquired by underestimated nations like China, Malaysia and India cannot be overlooked. Another fact that cannot be ignored is that the increasing trend of inviting potential customers to spas, cruises, restaurants, and using cultural traditions for generating revenues hugely relies on culinary and hospitality management industries.Countries like United States and Europe present an inviting and attractive backdrop for traveling and therefore, visitors, diners and tourists are always arriving in large numbers throughout the year. That's the main reason behind the increasing demand of hospitality and culinary professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hospitality and culinary industries are flourishing rapidly both globally and domestically. For instance, about 122,000 of the total establishments in the U.S. are oriented to recreational, entertainment and arts sectors. The amazing growth in the rate of construction of newer sporting avenues, museums, convention centers also prove the bright future of this industry in America. Those who acquire proper training in the hospitality management field can benefit greatly from the numerous progressive prospects attached to the industry.

Human Resources Management

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Efficiency and capability of a company's workforce are the most critical aspects associated with its success or failure. The quality of the workers determines if the company can be a part of the Fortune 500 or remain underground. Human-Resource Management is a field where individuals are adorned with the ability to take their company/business to newer heights. Professional human resource (HR) manager needs to serve the company as a coach and scout simultaneously. They need to develop an insight to identify the potential and capable employees who can strengthen the company's position in the market and totoughen and fortify the workforce is also on their task list. Team spirit is crucial for a company's success and HR managers need to develop it among the members. From recruiting to training talented members, and encouraging an overall balanced performance graph from all the employees, the job of an HR manager is indeed demanding, and the career prospects are quite attractive.

Information Systems

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Information Technology or IT is a constantly progressing, and evolving industry. Therefore, aspiring professionals must endorse three basic requirements of this industry before switching in: evolve, improvise and strive.New technologies emerge every single passing day and the need to keep on upgrading your knowledge reserve,and understanding complicated business mechanism is crucial to your success and professional advancement. IT not just encompasses wide-ranged technological evolution but also offers a vast variety of career tracks. Computerworld revealed that today, technology, and business have become interconnected and interdependent. This makes hybrid posts as the most in-demand positions for seeking employment because it required professionals to use their technological and insight on the business principles to accelerate the company's growth.

IT professionals entering the workforce can expand their tech skills greatly through business operations. This provides them an enormous competitive edge on the other aspiring candidates. Some upcoming yet promising career options in this field include:

International / Global

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Expanding its horizon and capturing the overseas client/business environment is every company's preliminary agenda once the initial threshold of conquering the domestic market has been achieved. However, across the border, business rules and trade mannerisms may vary substantially from the local norms, and success cannot be guaranteed if similar strategies are applied. Additionally, market regulations and custom conventions are distinctive for every county and so are the potential target markets and marketing techniques. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and adopt a different set of strategies for pricing and distribution,specifically while entering in disparate markets like Cambodia or Norway. With the rapidly integrating global economy, career prospects in international business are becoming wide-spread and multifaceted

Managers having a degree in international business can pursue employment opportunities in farfetched foreign markets/industries since this degree breaks all barriers and makes them eligible for any business environment. A degree program in international business trains students for thriving and succeeding in settings outside their home turf, including a thorough understanding of cultural diversities.

As per the current scenario, globalization is dominating every industry, and an international business graduate only has the know-how about navigating and capturing foreign markets with a sufficient knowledge about the cultural, political, economic and social norms of the foreign land. Increased technological advancements in telecommunication industry have connected the whole world, and globalization is hugely affecting economic and business norms worldwide. That's why opportunities and prospects affiliated with a career in international business are limitless.
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