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Our Objective: was created in 2006 because its founders realized the dire need of a comprehensive website that could serve as a bridge between aspiring students and the multitude of educational opportunities available all over.

Our chief objective is to create a singly yet wide-ranged platform for both local and international students where they can find information and details about the multitude of online and offline degree courses being offered.

What makes so useful? has emerged as a unique brand portal which provides students from all over the world a chance to research and request information about every aspect of higher education. We have compiled a thorough database comprising of the most credible and authentic online, technical and campus-based schools that offer opportunities for academic advancements. If you wantinformation, particularly on Internet-basedstudy programs,then Online Degrees is a helpful resource that includes online programs from both online and campus colleges/universities and technical certification courses.


The purpose of and is to help students navigate, retrieve and request information about every possible online and campus-based educational institution providing opportunities to excel further in academia. The internet has become an exceptionally useful medium that allows you an easy access to unbounded options and multitude of prospects to evolve in your career. Online registration in academic programs has increased tremendously over the years and from the year 2003,average of 11.98 million it reached 2.35million in 2004. The rate of increment in online enrollments for post-secondary students is about ten times more than the predictions of the National Center for Education Statistics.

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